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These Limited Edition prints are constructed in Canada using the highest standards and procedures used in printmaking today.

They are limited to a single run of 100 for the 16”x24” size and only 5 for 30”x45”.  

Every print in this collection comes to you with a signed Certificate of Authenticity to ensure provenance.


16" x 24" Edition of 100 = $500
30" x 45" Edition of 5 = $3,000


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Winter Wonderland

The winter is long and cold. But it also makes gorgeous landscapes. Winter Wonderland is one of my favourite images. It made me forget the frigid Canadian temperatures and just contemplate the gorgeous landscape.

Wall of Roots

Inside the castle of Groot-Bijgaarden in Belgium, lies this entrance covered by roots that grew through the years.

The Tree and The Lake

Fall is the most beautiful season in Canada. This lone yellow tree contrasting with the other trees and reflecting in the lake is just a celebration of autumn.

The Photographer

Pouch Cove in Newfoundland, Canada has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the island. Its shoreline filled with wood and rocks warms the scene. A photographer register this magical moment with his camera.


This is a very special image. Once located in Brampton, Ontario, The St. Elias the Prophet Ukrainian Catholic Church was totally destroyed by a fire on April 04, 2014. I took this image a couple years before that.

Spring Point Lighthouse at Sunrise

Summer sunrises are amazing in beautiful New England. The contrast of the sky with the silhouette of Spring Point Lighthouse if just magical.

Shukkeien Garden

This garden is one of the most beautiful in Hiroshima, Japan. It is totally devastated after the atom bomb in 1945. It was rebuilt after that and today is a place for a nice walk and meditation.


The magical fall colours combined with rapids and rocks are the perfect combination for nature lovers. Ontario, Canada.

Mystic Morning

The dark and misty mornings at the Huntsville lakes are mysterious.

Le Parisien

The Eiffel Tower is the most photographed landmark in Paris. I wanted to show it in a more subtle way. In this very beautiful image, you see the daily lives of the Pariennes, waking on a normal street, away from the tourists. Paris, France.

Horses in the Winter

While exploring the snowy fields in Quebec, Canada, I was faced with those majestic horses standing beautifully against the snow, ready for their journey.

Ghost Farm

Farms feed cities, but some turned to a scary landscape that did not stand the test of time. Decades of abandonment turns it into a no man's land. There will be not harvest. Ontario, Canada.

Desert Dream

In the hot deserts of Nevada, USA , there are so many intriguing landscapes that makes your imagination go wild. The surrounding skies take your dreams to another place. And you dream.



This old motor coach from the 70s once lied by the freeway near Barrie, Canada. The freezing winter was merciless, but the Coach still stood strong, waiting for the passengers to arrive to embark in a cold and long winter journey.


The streets of stone in Quebec City, Canada invites the traveler for an European experience in North America. The charm of the 17th Century buildings with their colorful doors and windows takes the traveler to the cherish the past.

The Manor

Another Belgian gem, this neoclassic 18th century manor with a very spooky feel, out of a classic romance.

Medieval Castle

This is one of the most beautiful castles in Belgium. Built around 1410, it has the classical medieval design, with the walls and a spooky tree, surrounded by a very dramatic sky.


This 15th century Cathedral is the pride of French town Caudebec-en-Caux, in the Normandy. The architecture is stunning and the traces of the Flamboyant Gothic style are displayed all over. It's unique style displayed through the wooden chairs makes it stand out from the major European Cathedrals.

Atomic Bomb Dome

The Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan, serves as a memorial to the people killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th 1945. The site is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List and despite of the that tragic event, the structure still stands and it is a symbol of peace.

Blue Rocks

Another magnificent scenery from Nova Scotia, Canada. The so called "Blue Rocks" is a small fishing village, a hidden gem sculptured by a rocky terrain and a dramatic sky.

The White Bench

This very green garden in Nova Scotia, Canada brings such a sense of tranquility to the image. The white bench at the end invites the viewer to contemplate the beautiful scene.


Granada's Pearls Airport has some interesting remaining from the Cold War. The airport was abandoned in 1983 following the US invasion and a couple of soviet planes were left there. One of them is this Cubana Airliner.
As time passes, vegetation grew over the aircraft, inside and out, making this image very unique. It is a visual remainder of the Cuban presence in Grenada from 1979 to 1983.

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