Category : Photography Tips

Nov 21, 2015

Tips to take great sunrise photography

One of my favourite times of the day to photograph is at sunrise. The soft light makes landscape images much more interesting. Also, there are less people at sunrise than at sunset. That is specially important if your sunrise location is a popular tourist destination. There are several factors to consider before setting your alarm clock for 3AM. Location, location, location. Do some research in advance of the site. And it is important that your foreground is facing east. Weather […]

Oct 14, 2015

Have you taken amazing photos? Good job. Back them up!

If you don’t have a backup of your photographs, please start doing it. Not tomorrow, next week or next month. Do it NOW! There are thousands of sad stories of people who lost all their photographs, sometimes a life’s worth of images, because of a hard drive failure. And that includes me. Back in 2012, I had all my images in one hard drive. Not only images, but documents, design files, audio, video and pretty much everything you can think […]

Sep 15, 2015

Don’t put cheap glass in front of your expensive lens

I used to have UV filters attached to my lenses. I started with the “store brand” ones and ended up with $70 Hoyas. After all, I wanted to protect my lenses from the elements and from damage (the accidental drop). I have spent a couple years with all sorts of UV filters attached to my lens. But one day, in a group outing, one person asked me “why do you put cheap glass in front of your expensive lenses?”. That’s […]

Aug 31, 2015

No tripod, no problem

No tripod? No problem! Every photographer will eventually face a situation where tripods are not allowed or feasible. I remember a couple years ago going on a trip to Peele Island with the camera club for the weekend and more than 2 hours into driving I realized that the tripod was left behind at home. And I was planing to take some good sunrises shots by the water. Once I arrived at location, the first order of the day was […]