Have you taken amazing photos? Good job. Back them up!

If you don’t have a backup of your photographs, please start doing it. Not tomorrow, next week or next month. Do it NOW! There are thousands of sad stories of people who lost all their photographs, sometimes a life’s worth of images, because of a hard drive failure. And that includes me.

Back in 2012, I had all my images in one hard drive. Not only images, but documents, design files, audio, video and pretty much everything you can think about. In one single hard drive. And i was always postponing the backup project. And one day, the hard drive crashed.

I took the hard drive to a data recovery company. After a few days, came the diagnostic: physical damage. It would be almost impossible to recover anything. One last hope could be the hard drive manufacturer, but that would come with a very expensive price tag: $1,500 and up, if data could be recovered. At that point I did not care and I told to go ahead and send to the manufacturer. But a few weeks later, the nail on the coffin: the data recovery was impossible. About 7 years worth of pictures were gone. Forever.

Up to this day that episode makes me sad. So many beautiful images that I was very proud of were gone. I was able to recover a few images from a couple of DVDs that I burned here and there. But a full backup was never done.

Some pictures I managed to reshoot and they turned out better than the first time. Others, were just not possible to be recreated.

Once I put everything back in place, I bought a couple of hard drives and I started backing up. On top of that, I also put together a server, where I backup everything  every month or so. And a third backup is done on a daily basis.

I hope no one ever go through that experience. So please make yourself a great favour. Backup those important images that your cherish the most. And keep them safe, for generations to come.

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