Marcos Lins

Photography, Design, Illustration & Other Creative Work

In 2003, back in my native Brazil, I enrolled in a photography course learning the art and science of film and developing. It was from this solid foundation that my love for large landscape, marco and nature photography, and custom prints has grown.

While the surf and hot sun of South America sparked some interest, the variety and ever-changing seasons of Canada fills my love of being outdoors and working from behind my cameras. With my gear attached tight, I have traveled off the beaten path, stood in frigid temperatures, and awoke before dawn's light to capture the beauty of rugged and tranquil landscapes that make Canada. 30' below in the wind, or 30+ with mosquitoes, I'm up for any challenge to capture the beauty of day and night in remote locations.

Over the past 12 years having taken thousands of pictures from parts of Canada, and my other global adventures I enjoy telling a fresh story, share a feeling, or a describe a scene for others to enjoy.

Marcos Lins


Marcos Lins

Remote Locations

Desert Dreams

I believe that exploration is an essential part of photography. Getting out of the “comfort zone” and exploring the road less travel can be very rewarding. And going to remote locations with all the challenges that come along, bring your senses to a fine tune. No matter how hot the desert is or how cold the glaciers are. The environment conditions can bring the best in you. My photographs are not about the destination, but about my steps from dusk till dawn.

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Urban Exploration

Le Parisien

Urban exploration can sometimes be underestimated. After all, most of us live in urban areas and we tend to overlook or miss several aspects of places that are present in our daily lives.

There are so many possibilities to come up with interesting and unique images in a urban environment. It also come with challenges, especially regarding restrictions for photography equipment.

The human element is very present in my urban images. I believe it brings more life to the image. I tent to stay away from the traditional trophy image, seeking the human interaction with the environment. 

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